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Creativity is NOT a Commodity!™
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We SUCK at Advertising!

Lucky for us, we suck less than most agencies out there. 


On one hand, we are an award-winning boutique-style ad agency. And on the other, we think we sort of suck. Yes, all our clients are happy with increased sales and market share. But we bask in the continual sense of dissatisfaction because we realize everything we do is subject to the ultimate judge: the marketplace. And this challenging environment is constantly changing and evolving. So, we never stop listening to that little voice in our head (fret not - our therapist knows), "We can always do better - do not be satisfied." It is our genetic makeup, this unceasing need to improve and be ahead of the curve.


At first glance, you may say we're a strange, odd bunch of misfits and rebels. And we'd say thanks for noticing.


We are not for everyone. And everyone is not for us.

We want clients who are not risk-averse. To take some chances. To understand the role of BMC as your ad agency and embrace us as being on your side. To see your business from another perspective. To be fiercely loyal but not blindly obedient. We want to be on the same page as our clients. Plain and simple.

We do not chase after clients based on their budgets. We go after clients based on how well we connect. That is why we are selective in our search for new business in categories for which we have a passion.

In fact, culture and chemistry play a vital role when clients select an agency. It has been our experience that the best clients will complement us. And vice versa. That is why we dig deep to learn and understand all the ins and outs of your business and forge strong bonds. We want that connection because some of the best relationships are created through this interaction... Yin and Yang. Rick and Morty, Cheech and Chong, and (Our favorite) Gin and Tonic.


BMC is small, lean, and virtual. 
Our shop model is based on the idea that a small team of ad veterans with a few youngbloods, about as many as can fit in a clown car, should drive every campaign. By doing so, we remain nimble and offer clients clear leadership, accountability, and a highly collaborative and customized experience. 

Being creative without boundaries is a no-brainer. Try adhering to a strategy, targeting a specific market, staying within a limited budget on a tight deadline, and SELL STUFF!

Yes, we have small offices with a fancy conference room for meetings. But great ideas are not always concocted in sterile office cubicles between 9 and 5. So, we are constantly working around the clock because the best ideas can hatch from walking the dog or binge-watching "Stranger Things" or after several tequila shooters or a bad shroom trip.


BMC has plenty of Fortune 500 experience, including ghost creative for clients/brands and agencies. Still, we LOVE working with smaller brands and underdog companies, helping them slay the market leader. We'd rather outsmart than outspend the competition.
Advertising... the Greatest Risk is Being Ignored! 
Turning Attention into Retention with built-to-relate campaigns, creating results and consumer connectivity.


Calling Attention to What Matters... Your Brand!  

Let's launch, build or re-stage your brand.

The Brand with the Most Friends Wins!

Give us a call (630) 892-7700

Strategic Creative - Branded Entertainment for Food-Tech Delivery, Start-Up Consulting, Youth Marketing, Sports Marketing, Franchise Marketing, Convention and Tourism, Bank-Mortgage Markets, New Product Launches, and Fearless Underdog Brands. 


"Bad Monkey Circus does not create advertising. They create fear, anxiety and above all, courage. The courage to push beyond the comfort zone to that magical place where our brand and product connect to our customers."  - Wes H. owner - OHW Burger Joint

"After getting over the initial embarrassment of working with an agency called Bad Monkey Circus, they are very odd but surprisingly professional with work that is strategically strong and gets results!!" - Eric R. - Sales & Marketing Director - National Restaurant Association


"What Bad Monkey Circus brings in terms of a true marketing partnership and unique creative slant more than outweighs any objections of working with a small boutique agency."  - Mark G. Sr. Marketing Manager - Global Athletic Footwear Company





Rory W. Bolen

Founder - Creative Director

Copywriter • Project Manager • Producer 

Rory's 15-plus years of creative work has gotten millions of views and listens worldwide. From Print, TV, Radio, and Online to Times Square billboards to full-page New York Times to a Dominos Super Bowl ad to influence a Prime Minister election victory in Canada. While winning several industry awards(19) and helping sell to the masses in almost every product/service category possible.

Plus, orchestrated creative projects and campaigns to consumer and B2B markets for Fortune 500 clients: ABC News, Home Depot, Cap'n Crunch, Gatorade, Domino's Pizza, ESPN, Huffington Post, Pizza Hut, Moviefone, Craftsman, TechCrunch, Quaker Oats, Warner Media-AOL-Verizon, National Restaurant Association, etc. 








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BMC Brand


Thinking like a brand is quite different than thinking like a business. 
Business sells tangibles. Brands create the intangibles.
Small difference but huge when it comes to understanding the power of a brand.


Gather information. Identify trends.
Learn your wants, needs and goals.
Find the consumer's emotional buttons and understand their behavior.


Attain Focus - Info without insight is useless.
Research without comprehension is deadly.
We dig, think, and re-think to find a single-minded big-brand idea.


Grab Attention. We take the big brand idea and apply it to every consumer touch point. 
We then build it out, creating simple, intrusive and relevant emotional ideas.


Brand messages built-to-relate that "consumer connectivity" is what is it all about. 

We believe in strong consumer relations and financial gain goes hand-in-hand.
Every step of the process has already built in its next step.
Together, all paths lead to the ongoing goals of driving the business forward. 



Measure. Monitor. Modify. And do it again... Because the Brand with the Most Friends Wins!


Let's build or re-stage your brand. Give us a call (630) 892-7700


Brand Entertainment Agency

Brand Entertainment Agency

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