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Before Stalking New Customers, Try Relating to Them First!

Data-Driven Technology and Digital Platforms are Important But The Messaging Must Be Built-to-Relate!

The future of branding belongs to storytellers who understand the hero's journey in the context of modern, mobile life and the creativity to connect with consumers.

The key sometimes is not to be product-focused. Instead, be problem-focused. Working up a solution that's only inclusive of what the product does is like dropping croutons and salad dressing off at the door of someone who doesn't know they're sitting on a bed of lettuce.

The exponential release of new technology doesn't change the need for percolation in the creative process."

There's this automatic inclination to believe that new technology is creativity's silver bullet. However, the invention of technology is different from the innovative use of existing things.

The same is true for using digital platforms. Brand marketers waiting for the latest product to be the first to use it might miss the chance to do something extraordinary with what we already have before us. Something extraordinary usually touches consumers and tells a story; it's not just technology that builds a brand.

Data is not the enemy of creativity. Typically treated as a bullet point on the success (or failure) curve, data reveals opportunities for bold creative campaigns that are measurable and impactful. Data-driven creativity means no vanilla experiences, embracing differences, not averages, and recognizing that one size fits no one.

The brand isn't the hero. It is an enabler of the customer's journey. That requires a lot of listening to understand each customer's challenges and customization.

Data is overwhelmingly positive. It helps guide where creativity is going to go. However, the best data reveals consumer behavior traits and trends, so the creative can be customized for the initial interaction in hopes of creating that consumer connectivity.

It is quite clear that there is a profound divide between creating buzz and creating a brand. There's an essential difference between a one-off stunt and an enduring brand story. There's a difference between an algorithm and an insight into human nature and between mere contact and authentic connection. Currently, there's a wide gap between big data and a big idea.

This Consumer Connectivity must never be lost - emotions that tung at the heartstrings - unexpected twists in the pitch - entertain and make them laugh in an odd, quirky way but be Built-to-Relate - brands to people. While the world is becoming more robotic, humans still need that thing that connects us. Good Creativity.

Make them laugh - entertain them before stalking them around the internet. Be Built-to-Relate!


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